Halcott Community Garden 2015 Application

Surely, Spring is just around the corner, so plan ahead and submit your application for a Halcott Community Garden plot. There are several levels of support to please everyone from the armchair gardener to the greenest of the green thumbs. Please download and complete the application forms, (front and back) and the HCG Rules. You will find the forms here:




Thanks for supporting the Garden and local, fresh food.

Happy Gardening!


Don’t miss Nina Kasanof’s  artwork from  back issues of The Times of  Halcott featured in an upcoming exhibit in  Margaretville from April 10th to May  3rd.  Halcott will be  represented twice with Tony  Margiotti from Greene County Route 3 included as well.  The show features artwork that has  appeared  in print.  

Christopher Durham and Sharon  Suess, authors and illustrators of children’s books, will read from their books  on SaturayApril 18th, from 2 to 3:30PM.  Other exhibitors include Alix Hallman  Travis  and Lisbeth Firman.  On Sunday, April  26th,  from 2 to 3:30PMseveral of the artists will be joined in discussion with our  own Halcott publisher Peg DiBenedetto of The Full Court  Press.  Hours for the gallery are  Friday through Sunday, noon to 4PM.  For more  information, call (607) 326-7073.

The Margaretville Hospital Auxilairy Annual Membership Drive

Greetings friends and neighbors,
As many of you may know, the Margaretville Hospital Auxilairy does an Annual Membership drive. This year I have agreed to act as chairperson for the Town of Halcott. The Auxiliary’s purpose is to support Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center through advocacy and awareness. They do this through various Wellness Programs, blood drives, health fairs and many other hospital, nursing home and community activities throughout the year. Please join me in supporting this worthwhile cause. Membership is only $5.00 per person per year. I’ll be reaching out to many of you asking that you sign up. You can also contact me and I will sign you up.
Sincere thanks, Lee Austin

Eagles at the Grange!

Dear Friends:  Join us this coming Saturday October 18th at 6:30PM at the Halcott Grange Hall.  Peg DiBenedetto will give a power point presentation on the golden eagle project and Michael DiBenedetto will be telling you why hunters are switching to non-lead ammunition.

Canning at the Grange

Members of the Halcott Community Garden had a great class in the Boiling Water Bath method of preserving fresh vegetables on Sunday, September 14 in the Grange kitchen.IMG_9877

Janie Greenwald from the Cornell Cooperative of Ulster County Extension conducted the class. Janie was assisted by volunteer Chantal Forger, who is working on her Master Food Preserver Certification.


Each participant took home a can of tomato sauce they helped prepare in a step by step demonstration and a lot more information on the canning process in general, including a few basic rules to always keep in mind:IMG_9896

* Canning recipes are scientifically derived in a laboratory and must be followed to the “T” to ensure food safety first.

* Canning is not cooking but preserving food for future cooking, not an end product out of the can.

* Grandma’s methods may be of interest to compare with, but the modern science of food preservation has progressed and new utensils and methods provide the levels of food safety we can depend on to ensure what we put on our tables is safe for our families to eat.

Please follow this link to the USDA website to find many recipes for canning.
National Center for Home Food Preservation | USDA Publications