Halcott Recycling and Mini Transfer Station


Located on the west side of the Halcott Highway Garage, the recycling center is always open. Separate bins are available for glass, metal and plastics #1, 2, 3, and 5. Newspaper, magazines and cardboard must be separated and placed in paper bags or tied in bundles. We are now accepting electronics for recycling. A separate shed is now on site for all acceptable electronics including: computers, CRT/LCD monitors, televisions, radios and cell phones. Help Halcott stay clean and please report any abuses.

The Town of Halcott offers a weekly drop-off service for those who do not choose to hire a hauler to pick up our garbage. Halcott residents only, that is, renters and landowners, may take bags of household waste in clear plastic bags, at $3 a bag, to the transfer station located at the Highway Garage. The hours of this mini transfer station will be 10 AM to 12 noon every Sunday. Instead of cash, we will be using punch cards. One punch card will allow the deposit of three bags of trash and may be purchased at $9 each from our Town Clerk, Pattie Warfield, 254-6441. Her hours are: 3 – 5pm Wednesdays; and 10 – 12 noon the 3rd Saturday of every month. Cards may also be purchased from Sam’s Country Store at $10 each. Punch cards will not be available at the transfer station and no trash will be accepted without a punch card. Please bear with us as we get this system up and running. Don’t forget that recyclables may also be deposited, as they have been, at same location free of charge. These must be separated, with caps removed. Following items are accepted:  newspapers, tied or placed in paper bags; magazines, tied; cardboard, tied; plastics #1,2,3,5; glass containers; aluminum cans; electronics.

The Town Board has been working hard to make this option a reality for our residents. We hope that it makes life a little easier!

MTC Broadband Installation Progress

The map below illustrates the status of the MTC Cable broadband expansion within the Town of Halcott and surrounding communities. The green shaded area shows locations where the fiber network installation has been completed and where service is currently available. The purple shaded areas illustrates the locations where the fiber network is proposed for completion during 2016. Residents who are located in regions outside of the shaded regions on the map and who are interested in having broadband services extended to them in the future are encouraged to contact the MTC Customer Service to convey this interest. This feedback will be used in the pursuit of future grant funding opportunities as we work to insure all residents requesting broadband services have access to this important service.
If you have any questions please let us know.

Kendra Grocholl
MTC Cable

Town of Halcott

Supervisor Kasanof’s retirement party at the Grange

28 September, 2015
Last night the town celebrated the years of service Innes Kasanof has given as Town Supervisor. Many friends and neighbors attended including Representative Chris Gibson. The guests enjoyed a wonderful meal and full super moon with total eclipse for dessert.
Congressman Chis Gibson, Innes and our new supervisor Alan White.

You can see photos from the event here.

Update: 29 September, 2015
Dear Friends:  Thank you all for the wonderful party on Sunday night.  It’s a sure sign of success when you have fun at your own party.  The evening was beautifully captured in film by amazing photographers Camille and Greg Vickers and Beechler.  Take a minute to look at our website www.townofhalcott.org to stroll through them.  Thank you so much, Greg and Camille for your images.  To me, each one is a wonderful portrait, revealing the characters that make up our Town.  Here’s to Halcott!  With love, Innes.

July 21, 2015

Innes Kasanof, Town Supervisor, announced her retirement last night at the Halcott Town Board meeting, citing deep regret that her personal responsibilities prohibit her from continuing to serve as Supervisor. Under Innes’s leadership our small but very special town has enjoyed a period of great progress in a number of areas, while recovering from some of the most significant weather damage ever recorded. Innes has been the driving force for bringing broadband access to town, worked to make significant improvements to the Grange and the Highway buildings and left the town with a sound financial foundation. Those familiar with her approach to operating the Town will remember her term as Supervisor as a cooperative and productive time in the history of Halcott. One of the most lasting impacts of Innes’s leadership will be gentle guidance from the Land Use Code enacted a few years ago.

After announcing her resignation, the Town board appointed Alan White to serve as the Town Supervisor for the remainder of the year and appointed Innes to fill Alan’s Town Council position. We hope you will find the opportunity to thank Innes for all she has done.