Halcott propane buyers group 2020 update

Our town’s cooperation regarding propane purchases is working beautifully. Marc Neves, a Halcott propane user, told us a competitor to Suburban quoted propane for him at $1.635.  Pressed to compete, Suburban then revised its proposed price from continuing the existing $1.799 to match the competing price instead.

$1.635 per gallon is now the rate that Suburban should be extending to all Halcott Suburban customers. Pre-buy contracts offering higher prices should be considered carefully in relation to our newly cut price.  You don’t have to sign pre-buy deals.  You can just inform Suburban you are going with the buying group’s $1.635 price per gallon.

Suburban has extended their “Circle of Friends” offer to reward existing customers with 35 free gallons when they refer new residential propane customers.

If you have issues. or questions or new recruits, please contact me via email.

Alan Adelson

Agenda, Town Board meeting, 15 June 2020 7:15pm

Town of Halcott
7:15 Monday, June 15 , 2020
Town Grange, all are welcome

Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance
Regular Meeting
Approval of minutes: March 16, 2020
Highway Superintendent Report
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Clerk’s Report
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Next Meeting:
July 20, regular meeting


April update from the Supervisor

Greetings Halcott residents. I hope you are all well and staying safe. We have cancelled the April Town Board Meeting to avoid a public meeting during the Corona shelter in place period.A couple of updates:

Greg Finch has retired from his position in our Highway Department after many years of service. Please congratulate him next time you see him. We are currently accepting applications to fill his position. Those interested should contact Russell Bouton, our Highway Superintendent.

Our Sunday morning garbage collection is seeing a dramatic increase in use. With more people participating, we ask that you keep Kip safe by maintaining social distance.

The town remains in good fiscal shape despite our current economic challenges at a broader scale. We are continuing to function as usual.

The community garden is on hold for now.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call at 607-201-3649