Fabric Art Workshops at the Grange, July 27-29

Dear Friends:  This spring, on a trip to Houston to visit Paul and Sybil Margaritis, Nan Reynolds, Sybil and I were treated to a class in dying and printing on silk.  Published artist Ginny Eckley, who made the original (cotton plaid – remember them?) aprons for one of our early Halcott Fairs, gave us an impromptu lesson on the secrets of this medium and we were overwhelmed.  It was amazing how, in a few (deftly guided) strokes we created masterpieces.  The process was quick and effortless.  And the results were incredibly pleasing, both to wear and to show off.

Creating a dyed fabric over Bubble Pack Plastic!

Good news!  We have managed to persuade Ginny to come to Halcott to repeat her teaching this summer.  On July 27, 28, and 29th she will offer classes at the Grange Hall from 10AM to 4PM on the techniques of dying and printing on silk.  Classes will be stand-alone; if you can come only once, you are guaranteed to learn a process.  The cost is $50 for the day, with an additional $25 for the materials used.  She will also accommodate children, if there is any interest, introducing them to the concept of dye, learning techniques and wearing the results.

The art of dying is amazing.  Of course, it is a creative outlet for those artists among us.  But it seems so easy that less-than-artistic souls can find great delight as well.  Come and see!

Pleated and dyed silk, then silk screen printed with 2 birds

One of the special aspects of this experience is getting to know Ginny, experiencing her energy and being set on fire by her enthusiasm.  (Visit Ginny’s websites at www.fabricpaintings.com or www.EZartScreen.com)  Classes, therefore, are limited to 10, so that everyone gets attention.  You may sign up by responding to this email, stating which of the classes you’d like to attend.  Sweep aside your ordinary chores and tasks for those days, treat yourself to a time of indulgence, a time to awaken secret talents you always suspected were inside of you.  Join others who want to learn, too.  Who knows where it will lead us?

Halcott Fair planning 2018

Dear Friends:  The Halcott Fair committee met this morning at the Grange Hall and decided to celebrate our 20th year with a different look. This year we will have a Fair Market, inviting anyone and everyone to bring a table (and a pop-up tent if they set up outside) and their favorite “thing” to sell.

We’re talking anything: books, honey, cheese, paintings, ceramics, crafts, your stash of crafts items you no longer use, vintage clothing, kitchen items, anything you think someone else would like and you no longer need. The deal will be:  bring it in free — we will not charge for a table space and we will not ask for part of your profits. And then when the fair ends at 4:30 or so (when dinner starts) you pack up what’s leftover and take it out.  We have been having more and more difficulty getting rid of stuff that people bring to sell and that doesn’t get sold. This new arrangement is a perfect solution which will assure a fun day for everyone, including the poor good souls who volunteer for clean-up.

Please help us make this the best fair ever. The more tables we get, the more interesting will be our little fair. If you know of someone who you think might be fun to have, please invite them! It’s also a great opportunity for kids to have a table, to learn the art of pricing, the thrill of selling, and the math of money-making.  Please call or email Innes to get on a list of “marketeers.” Space is not just limited to the Grange Hall; folks can set up anywhere outside as well.   Innes’ phone is 254-9920.  Email is inneskas70@gmail.com
Of course the fair will continue to have games, prizes, petting zoo, stick race and other delights for kids, the Church bake sale table, some live music and our magician, hot dogs, strawberry lemonade, popcorn, sodas, and  a wonderful dinner as a finale.
Please remember:  the FAIR WILL HAVE NO ATTIC TREASURES TABLE!  It is very important that you do not drop stuff off this year.  If you do have items to donate, please consider getting a table for yourself and selling it.  We look forward to seeing you this year — perhaps behind a table of treasures that are going like hotcakes!
All the best, Halcott Fair Committee

HUMC Salad Supper Saturday, June 2

Dear Friends:  The Halcott United Methodist Church invites you to a Super Salad Supper buffet with dessert at the Grange, tomorrow, Saturday, June 2nd.  Sit down starts at 5:00 and take outs (great for salads) start at 4:30.  It is free for children under 5 and $7.00 for everyone else.  This is a great way to meet your neighbors and at the same time to support the church.

Town Board Minutes, April 23, 2018

Regular Town Board Meeting Minutes Halcott Grange
April 23, 2018, 7:15 pm

Present: Town Supervisor Alan White, Council members Yukari Day, Alan Reynolds, Judy DiBenedetto, Highway Superintendent Russell Bouton, Town Clerk Patricia Warfield, Planning Board Chair Nancy Reynolds Public: David Grossman Absent: Councilwoman Innes Kasanof

Opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Before the public hearing was called to order, Supervisor White asked for a moment of silence to pay respect to Anton Kasanof, a long time resident, past Town Supervisor and Town Justice, who made many contributions to our community.

Public Hearing on Subdivision Revisions: Supervisor White called the hearing to order at 7:15pm, and opened the hearing for comment and /or discussionof the subdivision revisions. Supervisor White asked Board members if they had any comments or additional thoughts; having none he then asked Planning Board Chair Nancy Reynolds if she had any other comments, and her comment was that the changes looked good as is. Supervisor White discussed that the changes were relatively minor, the only one of a more substantial impact is the change back to the way it used to read, only one principal residence per parcel. With no further comment , from the Board, SupervisorWhite then opened the floor for public comment. David Grossman commented that he thought the subdivision changes were consistant with resposible developement practices, even though it put some more restrictions on large landowners. Supervisor White closed the Public Hearing at 7:22pm.

The Regular Town Board Meeting opened at 7:32 with Approval of the minutes of the March 26, 2018 meeting: Motion to approve by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, 2nd by Councilwoman Yukari Day, Councilman Alan Reynolds: aye, Supervisor Alan White: aye.

Emergency Planning (A) Fire Truck Building. Bob VanValkenburgh is now the Fleischmanns Fire Chief. Supervisor White feels this may create an opportunity to get a focus on an issue of concern for Halcott. In the case of a major flood or major storm emergency, emergency services cannot get to our Town. One of our long range goals as a Town should be to find a way to have a satellite building for the Fleischmanns fire department to house at least one piece of equipment here. This would also ensure a favorable ISO rating should the Fleischmanns fire department choose to relocate in the future to a new location more than 5 miles from Halcott. When the Crosby farm was being transfered to the city, the Town was gifted a site that could be used to put that kind of a building on. When Bob VanValkenburgh became chief, Supervisor White discussed priorities for Halcott and that it is time to think about moving forward with this project. The first step in this process will be to invite Senator George Amadore to come to Town to look at the site and look at the issue of maintaining some connection to the Fleischmanns Fire Department in the case of a major storm, so Supervisor White has invited the Senator to come to Town on May 4th. The Senate has access to discretionary funds, if you let your Senator know your needs, they may be able to help with funding if the opportunity comes around. In addition, the Senator’s office has a grant writer who can work with us on this project. Bob VanValkenburgh is working on a cost estimate which is in the vicinity of $150-$200,000.00 for a bare bones structure. There are many question to still be answered such as who owns the structure, who will operate it, how to cover operating costs. Supervisor White feels that it should not be the intent of the Town to create a fire department, but rather create a funding opportunity to put up a satellite structure for the Fleischmanns Fire Department in our Town. This is the first step in starting a conversation, with no commitments being made in the short term. (A) County Mitigation Plan. Greene County has been working on an All Hazards Mitigation Plan. They are finished and are looking for Towns to do an adoption. Supervisor White has invited Dan King from the emergency office to come to the next Town Board meeting to discuss the Mitigation Plan with the Board. (C ) 911 Communications. A Halcott resident tried making an emergency call which was misdirected. There was a flaw found in the system, which was fixed. Supervisor White asked Councilman Alan Reynolds to invite Emergency Services Director John Ferrell to the May Town Board Meeting.

Highway Superintendent’s Report: (A) Chips Funding. Halcott will receive $38,942.95 in CHIPS money, $8,888.63 under the Pave-NY program, as well as $7,787.31 under the Extreme Winter Recovery program. Highway Superintendent Bouton reported to the Board that Elk Creek Road, and the bottom of Johnson Hollow are up for topping, and there are 2 spots on DiNicola Rd. and Townsend Hollow Rd. that are so soft they are almost impassable. Supervisor White asked if Superintendent Bouton could come up with a more formal plan for road repair and maintenance for the next meeting with the intent to get an early start on the road work for an early reimbursement.(B) The Highway Department has been trying to broom the sand from the roads, as weather allows. Superintendent Bouton has a watertank to use in an emergency, and is still looking to purchase a 1,000 gallon tank and pump for the Highway Department.

Voucher vote: General Abstract #G0408 – vouchers #057 – 066 = $41,007.99. Highway Abstract #H0408 – vouchers #067 – 070 = $3,238.52. Motion to pay bills by Councilwoman Yukari Day, 2nd by Councilman Alan Reynolds, Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto: aye, Supervisor Alan White: aye.

Clerk’s Report: 1 Certificate of Occupancy Search: $25.00, Billy Haynes (dumpster fee) (Feb. & March): $200.00, Garbage Tickets (5) @ $9.00 each: $45.00. The Town collected and disbursed $270.00 for the month of March.

Public Comment: David Grossman asked the Board to consider for future public hearings, that a red line version of the matter to be discussed be posted for 30 days, making it easier for residents who do not live in Halcott full time, to be part of the process. He also stated that he felt the community in terms of the long term planning has been very reasonable in realizing that there has to be a balance between maintaining our beauty as we have it with economic viability. He and his father have owned their property for 17 years and he has started thinking about how to utilize that process.

Next Meeting: Regular Meeting Monday, May 21, 2018, 7:15 p.m.

Motion to Adjourn at 7:45 p.m. by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, 2nd by Councilman Alan Reynolds, Councilwoman Yukari Day: aye, Supervisor Alan White: aye.

Town Board Meeting, Monday, May 21, 2018


7:15 PM, Monday, May 21, 2018
Town GRANGE, all are welcome

Pledge of Allegiance


1. Approval of minutes Monday, April 23, 2018

2. Highway Superintendent’s Report
Equipment updates
Plans for 2017 Chips, Pave NY, Extreme Weather highway funding

3.Voucher vote.

4.Finance Report.

Monthly report

5. Clerk’s Report.

6. Other business:
a. Status of Subdivision update
b. Fire Building

7. Public comment.

8. Next meeting:  June 18, 2018

Planning Board Minutes, Meeting of March 21, 2018


Meeting of March 21, 2018

Present:  Ted Johnson, Andrew Kelder, Mark Vogler, Sec. Nancy Reynolds
Absent:  Adina Johnson
Public:    Brian Grocholl

Chairman Johnson opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag at 6:05PM.

The meeting originally scheduled for 3/7/2018 was rescheduled due to a snow storm.

Application and site sketch for Brian Grocholl were reviewed. Site visit to the property on Turk Hollow Road was made by T. Johnson, M. Vogler and A. Kelder on 2/24/2018. As there were no issues or questions the Board agreed that a public hearing could be waived. Motion to waive was made by M. Vogler, seconded by A. Kelder, unanimously approved. Motion to approve the application was made by T. Johnson, seconded by A. Kelder, unanimously approved. Sketch was signed and dated and part 2 of the EAF was completed.

Motion to accept the minutes of the 2/14/2018 meeting was made by A. Kelder, seconded by T. Johnson, unanimously approved.

Correspondence:  None

Motion to adjourn was made at 6:25PM by N. Reynolds, seconded by T. Johnson, unanimously approved.

Submitted: N. Reynolds, Sec. 3/24/2018