Public hearing on the 2023 budget tonight

Dear Friends:  Attached please find the preliminary budget to be presented to the Town Board and the public at a public hearing tonight at the Grange Hall at 6PM.  Please print a copy for yourself (it is only 3 pages) if you intend to attend! This will assure that you can follow along and will cut down on paper printing costs.  Thank you and see you tonight.  

2023 Preliminary Budget

Where’s chairs?

Dear Friends All: The Grange Hall chairs have been slowly disappearing. Our guess is that they are borrowed for events and when returned, some of them get inadvertently left at home.  Please, please, if you have any stray chairs that belong to the Town, please return them. For one thing, we need to be able to offer others the use of what we suppose the number of chairs to be. It causes great difficulty when people find out at the last minute that what they had counted on to be available, isn’t. 

Thanks for your cooperation.    

Halcott Land Use Code update

We are conducting an update of our zoning law, the Halcott Land Use Code and a postcard was sent to all landowners of record in town.  The postcards are small and if yours gets lost, or if you are a renter or a family member of a landowner, you are welcome to take the survey anyway. Please visit:
You may also obtain a paper copy of the survey from Pattie Warfield, Town Clerk at 845-254-6441. If you have any questions, you may email:
This survey will give the update committee a better idea of the priorities of town members. Thanks for taking it!