County Road Maintenance starting on July 17

Please be advised that County Route 1, also known as the West Settlement Road, will be closed on July 17 for the replacement of a small bridge near the Nelkins A-frame. This closure will be in effect for about three weeks. Detour signs will be up to help navigate around the construction. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we do appreciate the maintenance of this road by Greene County.

New Code Enforcement Officers

Dear Friends: At the Organizational Meeting on Monday night, the Town Board appointed John Mathiesen as our Code Enforcement Officer. He can be reached at 586-2074 and is free afternoons. His email address is: While he was our Code Enforcement Officer, Billy Allison upgraded many of the parts of the CEO job. Take a look at our website, for permit applications. We hope to streamline the process even further to provide better service to our townspeople. John’s deputy will be Jeff Norwick who can be called if John is unavailable. Jeff’s cell phone is 532-0405 and his email address is 

Sign up for Code Red

Dear Friends:  The Town Board is continuing to work on an emergency plan that will be effective for future needs.  As we explore different scenarios, and re-visit the Irene disaster of August, 2011, we are more and more aware that the single most important need for our town is better communication.  We are looking into various options, but one tool already available to us is Greene County’s Emergency Notification System called Code Red

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Dear Friends:
The Halcott Town Board has asked that you be made aware of the following:
1.  Should you witness any ATV abuse, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office asks that you contact them as soon as possible.  You may call 518-943-3300 or the cell phone of Greg Seeley, our Sheriff:  518-821-0257.  Last Monday night, the Sheriff and two deputies came to Halcott to answer questions about the use and misuse of ATVs.  We are far from the rest of Greene County, and so the response time for ATV problems can be slow.  They welcome the chance, however, of patrolling the Town if we can give them some guidance on patterns and habits of illegal ATV activity.
2.  On another note:  the Grange building will be sprayed for cluster flies on Tuesday, October 24th.  Therefore, the building will be locked from 12 noon until 6PM.  Any questions may be directed to Pete and Nancy Ballard, 254-4141.