Town Board Minutes, 20 December 2021

Regular Town Board Meeting Minutes
December 20, 2021 Halcott Grange

Present: Deputy Town Supervisor Alan Reynolds, Councilwoman Innes Kasanof, Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, Highway Superintendent Russell Bouton, Town Clerk Pattie Warfield Public: Scott Moroff, Ida Piperisova, Paul Margaritis, Sybil Margaritis, Kimberly Segnini, Ron Segnini, William Capel, Warren Reynolds, Dave and Vicki Carpenter, John Dobsa, Patti George, Chris DiBenedetto, Aston Grocholl, Brian Grocholl, Nancy Reynolds, Paul Tomaccio, Andy Kelder, Patricia A. Kelder, Karl VonHassel, Bertha Von Hassel, Art McCrossen, Kathryn McCrossen, Sheri Reynolds, Samantha Bouton, Cindy Bouton, Jennifer Bouton, Jamie Vogler, Landon Vogler, Marshall J. Bouton, Lucas Bouton, Mark Vogler, David Grossman, Robert Warfield.

Call to order at 6:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Opened at 6:01 pm: Public Hearing Concerning Local Marijuana Regulations for the Town of Halcott: The following individuals spoke at the public hearing. Nancy Reynolds supported opting out, thanked all for their support. Paul Margaritis supported opting out as he felt the current Land Use Code was not an adequate defense should it be challenged. Warren Reynolds supported opting out stating that nothing voted on tonight affects the growing of marijuana, just the sale of. Scott Moroff supported opting, feeling that the state did not have the Town’s best interest at heart, and waiting to better interpret state rules was in order. John Dobsa supported opting out. Bertha Von Hassel questioned the legality of the public hearing due to the time span of the posting of the hearing and when the hearing was held. Sheri Reynolds supported opting out as she felt the current Halcott Land Use Code would not be sufficient to protect the Town and that Halcott could not opt out at a later date. Cindy Bouton was against opting out and felt the law was not legal due to the way the public hearing was posted. David Grossman supported opting out, he felt by doing so, it would give the Town additional time to make an informed decision. Paul Tamaccio supported opting out noting that Halcott has only one (1) building zone and would like to see a committee formed to research options for the Town. Public Hearing closed at 6:31 pm.

Motion to adopt Local Law 2-2021: A Law to Opt-Out of Allowing Cannabis Retail Dispensaries and On-Site Consumption Sites as Authorized Under Cannabis Law Article 4, Local Law of the Town of Halcott by Councilwoman Innes Kasanof, 2nd by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, Deputy Supervisor Alan Reynolds: aye.

Approval of the Minutes of the November 15, 2021 Meeting: Motion to approve by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, 2nd by Councilwoman Innes Kasanof, Deputy Supervisor Alan Reynolds: aye.

Highway Superintendent’s Report: The bucket on the front-end loader has recently been rebuilt and with the rest of the equipment in good shape, Highway Superintendent Bouton feels the Highway Department is ready for the upcoming winter months.

Voucher Vote: General Abstract #G1221 – vouchers 179-184, 193 = $2,066.28. Highway Abstract #H1221 – vouchers 185-192 = $4,894.67. Motion to pay bills by Councilwoman Innes Kasanof, 2nd by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, Deputy Supervisor Alan Reynolds: aye.

Finance Chair Report: Town finances are on track and although the Town has still not received CHIPS reimbursement from the State the Town will be able to pay December bills.

Clerk’s Report: Billy Haynes (Sept): 250.00, Demo Permit: 25.00, Building permit: 100.00, C/O Search (3): 75.00, Transfer Station: 246.00. The Town collected and dispersed 696.00 for the month of November.

Other Business: (A) Resolution 1-2021: Resolution Authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to Sign a Contract for Shared Highway Services on Behalf of the Town of Halcott: Motion to adopt Resolution 1-2021 by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, 2nd by Councilwoman Innes Kasanof, Deputy Supervisor Alan Reynolds: aye. (B) Motion to appoint Mark Kugler to the Board of Assessment Review by Councilwoman Innes Kasanof, 2nd by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, Deputy Supervisor Alan Reynolds: aye. (C) Motion to appoint Innes Kasanof an interim Town Supervisor by Deputy Supervisor Alan Reynolds, 2nd by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto. (D) The Board has received a list of individuals willing to step up and fill the interim Town Board seat and will address choosing someone at the Organizational Meeting in January.

Public Comment: (A) Town Clerk Patricia Warfield expressed her disappointment to those present at the way some had chosen to handle the opt-out controversy by making it a personal attack on members of the Board which then resulted in the resignation of two individuals. (B) Warren Reynolds thanked the remaining Board members for their work. (C) Sheri Reynolds asked why this topic was not discussed back in September when brought to the Board’s attention. (D) Given the displeasure by some of the public at the way the public hearing was advertised, Samantha Bouton offered to post town notices on Margaretville Telephone Company’s channel 10: Community Postings/Current Events to reach a larger audience.

Next meeting: Organizational Meeting, January 3, 2022, 6 pm. Regular Town Board Meeting, January 17, 2022, 6pm.

Motion to Adjourn at 6:57 pm.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing shall be held before the Town Board of the Town of Halcott at the Town of Halcott Grange, 264 Route 3, Halcott Center, NY 12430, on December 20. 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Regular board meeting to follow. The purpose of this hearing is concerning local marijuana regulation for the Town of Halcott. At such time anyone wishing to speak upon this matter shall be heard. Masks will be required for this meeting. Due to limited space, you may also submit your comments on this matter by a letter or email to the Town Clerk’s office until 2:00 pm the date of the meeting.

By Order of the Halcott Town Board

Patricia Warfield
Town Clerk
Dated: December 15, 2021