Emergency Phone Numbers

In case of a local emergency:
Fire or Ambulance (land line): 911
Delaware County 911 (for cell phone users): 607-563-3349
Greene County Sheriff’s Department: 518-943-3300
Sheriff Seeley’s cell: 518-821-0257
Halcott Emergency Operations Center: 845-254-5041
(at the Grange, during weather disaster conditions)
NYSEG: 800-572-1131

Sign up for Code Red

Dear Friends:  The Town Board is continuing to work on an emergency plan that will be effective for future needs.  As we explore different scenarios, and re-visit the Irene disaster of August, 2011, we are more and more aware that the single most important need for our town is better communication.  We are looking into various options, but one tool already available to us is Greene County’s Emergency Notification System called Code Red.

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