Recycling in Halcott

To the east of the Grange hall on the west side of the Halcott Highway Garage, the Recycling Center is always open.

The dumpster in the recycle shed accepts cans, metal, cardboard, paper, glass and plastics #1,2,3 and 5. Please note that we do not accept class 4,6 or 7 plastics. Ignore the hand labeling over the openings on the recycle dumpster, as all acceptable recycleables now go into the dumpster together. Tin cans, glass and plastic food containers should be rinsed before depositing.


We also accept electronics for recycling. The shed on-site is for acceptable electronics including: computers (desktops & laptops), printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, televisions (CRT, LCD, LED, plasma), cell phones, IT & networking equipment, medical & lab equipment, communications equipment, phones, servers, monitors (CRT, LCD, LED), MP3 players, PDA’s, tablets, ink and toner cartridges, and pretty much anything else with a circuit board or cord!

The Town of Halcott offers a weekly drop-off service for those who choose not to contract with a hauler to pick up your garbage. Beginning July 1, 2019 Halcott residents, that is, renters and landowners, may take bags of household waste in clear plastic bags, at $2 a bag, to the transfer station located at the Highway Garage. The hours of this mini transfer station will be 10 AM to 12 noon every Sunday. Recyclables may be deposited, as usual, at same location free of charge. Help Halcott stay clean and please report any abuses.

The Town Board has been working hard to make this option a reality for our residents. We hope that it makes life in the valley a little easier!