A message from Alan Adelson:
 I’m very pleased to announce a 32 cents per gallon DECREASE in the rate we will now be paying for propane. To retain our present sale volume of 35,000 annual gallons of gas to 75 participating households, Suburban has again offered us the best rate. The new contract should be in effect by June 15, but please verify when you request or receive a delivery that as participants in the Halcott group you will be charged $1.779 per gallon, down from last year’s contracted price of $2.099 per gallon. By combining our buying power, we are being charged almost half what many unaffiliated households pay for gas. Tens of thousands of dollars have been saved by our townspeople. It’s all the result of Innes Kasanof and her creation of the Times of Halcott. When Innes announced the birth of this remarkable community publication, I followed by announcing the creation of the propane buying group. “Call it a collective!” Shirley Bouton chastened me. “That’s what farm people call it when people buy together to save money. Suburban is also now accepting new customers at the Halcott rate from adjoining towns, so feel free to have folks contact me by email: alanadelson@gmail.com
That’s how our buying power will keep growing.