Halcott Community Garden 2020 Season

Greeting Gardeners & friends of the Community Garden!

It is with a combination of sadness and hope that I share the following with regards to the upcoming season for the Halcott Community Garden. Given the current “on pause” status of NY state in response to the Covid 19 outbreak, the following changes must be made to the rules and regulations of the garden for this season.

Access to the Halcott Community Garden is currently closed to the public (non-members) until further notice. Access for Garden Members will be allowed only if they agree to the following measures to keep themselves and others members safe:

Garden Access: Access must be limited to garden members only ( no friends or family) and only for garden maintenance and seasonal preparation that is absolutely necessary. Gardens must remain closed to the public until further notice, and gardeners should keep garden gates closed while working in the garden.

Events and Gatherings: All public events are prohibited. In addition, all in-person meetings, activities, and gatherings of garden groups are prohibited. Large projects that require many hands must be postponed.

Social Distancing: Gardeners working in gardens must observe safe social distancing by keeping at 6 feet between all people at all times

Staggering Access: Garden groups must make best efforts to stagger access to gardens to minimize the number of members inside at the same time. There should be no more than 4-5 members in the garden at one time.

Disinfecting Surfaces: Gardeners should regularly disinfect the entry gate push /pull areas as well as the spigots on the rain barrels, the lawnmower and gas tank surfaces and the door to the storage shed where the lawnmower is kept. Shared tools will be removed for the season,so gardeners should plan to bring their own tools. Disinfection guidelines can be found on the CDC website.

Review Current COVID-19 Information: Gardeners should review current information and guidelines on COVID-19 on the CDC and DOHMH webpage, especially with regard to populations at risk.

I will be updating the garden application forms with these new terms of your seasonal membership and will send out within the week. Membership dues will remain at $20 for the season. Initial purchases will be for disinfecting products to be left at the garden for members use. If you have a moment, please let me know if you are intending to renew your membership for the season and/or keep your existing plot. Due to the extenuating circumstances, if you are unable to return to your plot this season, it will be allocated for use as needed with the assurance that you will have the option to reclaim your plot for the 2021 season and whomever uses it for the 2020 season will be allocated a new spot for 2021.

I hope we can continue to enjoy our garden and with these measures, ensure we all remain safe.

Best, Alex

PS: Let’s make use of our blog to share pics and updates from the garden for those who may not be able to join us this year.