Planning Board minutes, January 2, 2019

Meeting of January 2, 2019

Present:  Chairman Ted Johnson, Andrew Kelder, Sec. Nancy Reynolds

Absent:  Adina Johnson, Mark Vogler

Chairman T. Johnson opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag at 6:05PM.

Reorganization: motion to reappoint Ted Johnson as Chairman, Adina Johnson as Vice Chairman and Nancy Reynolds as Secretary was made by A. Kelder, and seconded by T. Johnson. All nominations were unanimously approved.

Motion to accept the minutes of the 8/1/2018 meeting was made by A. Kelder, seconded by T. Johnson, unanimously approved.

Correspondence:  None

Motion to adjourn was made at 6:20PM by A. Kelder, seconded by N. Reynolds, unanimously approved.

Submitted: N. Reynolds, Sec.  1/5/19