A Fair bit of history…

That hot, sticky feeling enveloping you is Summer saying “Hello” and that means the Halcott Fair is just down the road. Years ago, before the Halcott Fair there was the Halcott United Methodist Church picnic (at least one!) as recalled below in Volume 87 of The Times of Halcott by some of our neighbors. Take the opportunity on Saturday, July 20 to relax at the Grange with your friends and neighbors and create memories for your family.

Memories of a Halcott UMC Picnic from Jamie Bouton & Sybil Margaritis 

Jamie: One of my most favorite memories of the Halcott church, happened to be captured on an old home movie. Every so often, I dust off the cover and slip the old VHS into the machine and delight that I have such a treasure.

Ralph Merante was pastor of the church at the time and there was a gathering held on the adjoining back lawns of the church and my grandparents, Donald and Shirley Bouton. I’m not sure of the year, 1992? I do know there were short-shorts, tube socks and a lot of funky hair. I was the proud owner of a shoulder length mullet, yikes! There was a pie-eating contest, tug-of-war, badminton games, potato sack and three legged races for both kids and the adults. Mike and Peg DiBenedetto left their competition in the dust! There was a square dance called by dear Hilton and Stella Kelly.

The video shows my uncle, Tom Roberts and my beloved father, Dennis – both of whom, left us too soon – trying to keep up with food demands on an assortment of charcoal grills, but smiling the whole time. Picnic tables and folding chairs full of friends and neighbors eagerly sharing stories and the laughter could be heard throughout.

The afternoon concluded with an announcement of more singing and fellowship to take place inside the church. It was fun day!

Sybil remembers the day as well and adds: Claretta and I were in charge of helium balloons. I was dressed up as a clown, red nose and all. Shirley Bouton sat at a sign-in desk welcoming all and asking them to sign a guest book. Johnny Steinfeld, son of Lillian and Paul and a professional magician entertained the crowd with his magic. And there was no RAIN!

Susan Benedetto’s daughters Emily and Katie were young participants in the fun and games and provided a few photos from the memorable event.