Fabric Art Workshops at the Grange, July 27-29

Dear Friends:  This spring, on a trip to Houston to visit Paul and Sybil Margaritis, Nan Reynolds, Sybil and I were treated to a class in dying and printing on silk.  Published artist Ginny Eckley, who made the original (cotton plaid – remember them?) aprons for one of our early Halcott Fairs, gave us an impromptu lesson on the secrets of this medium and we were overwhelmed.  It was amazing how, in a few (deftly guided) strokes we created masterpieces.  The process was quick and effortless.  And the results were incredibly pleasing, both to wear and to show off.

Creating a dyed fabric over Bubble Pack Plastic!

Good news!  We have managed to persuade Ginny to come to Halcott to repeat her teaching this summer.  On July 27, 28, and 29th she will offer classes at the Grange Hall from 10AM to 4PM on the techniques of dying and printing on silk.  Classes will be stand-alone; if you can come only once, you are guaranteed to learn a process.  The cost is $50 for the day, with an additional $25 for the materials used.  She will also accommodate children, if there is any interest, introducing them to the concept of dye, learning techniques and wearing the results.

The art of dying is amazing.  Of course, it is a creative outlet for those artists among us.  But it seems so easy that less-than-artistic souls can find great delight as well.  Come and see!

Pleated and dyed silk, then silk screen printed with 2 birds

One of the special aspects of this experience is getting to know Ginny, experiencing her energy and being set on fire by her enthusiasm.  (Visit Ginny’s websites at www.fabricpaintings.com or www.EZartScreen.com)  Classes, therefore, are limited to 10, so that everyone gets attention.  You may sign up by responding to this email, stating which of the classes you’d like to attend.  Sweep aside your ordinary chores and tasks for those days, treat yourself to a time of indulgence, a time to awaken secret talents you always suspected were inside of you.  Join others who want to learn, too.  Who knows where it will lead us?