Town Board minutes for February 26, 2018

Regular Town Board Meeting Minutes Halcott Grange
February 26, 2018, 7:15 pm

Present: Town Supervisor Alan White, Council members Yukari Day, Alan Reynolds, Innes Kasanof, Judy DiBenedetto, Highway Superintendent Russell Bouton, Town Clerk Patricia Warfield, Code Enforcement Officer John Matheisen, Town Assessor Mark Neves, Planning Board Secretary Nancy Reynolds.

7:15 pm, Opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Annual Reports: CEO John Matheisen presented his annual report. (A) For 2018 there were 14 Building Permits issued, 7 BP renewals, 1 Demo Permit, 12 Certificate of Occupancy Searches, 9 C/O’s issued, 9 Certificate of Compliance issued and 7 Violations issued. (B)Councilwoman Innes Kasanof asked CEO Matheisen if he could could briefly speak to the Board about an LFA, and what it means for local Towns. CEO Matheisen explained that a Local Flood Analysis (which is funded by the DEP) is performed for a Town by a hired consulant to evaluate and identify troubled areas and then make proactive recommendations for improvements. Once problem areas are identified, Halcott could then apply for any available funding for viable projects. Motion to begin the process to have a Local Flood Analysis performed in Halcott by Councilwoman Innes Kasanof, 2nd by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, Councilwoman Yukari Day: aye, Councilman Alan Reynolds: aye, Supervisor Alan White: aye.

Town Assessor Mark Neves presented his report. Not much change in Halcott, no new houses built in 2017. The equalization rate is still 108%.

Planning Board Secretary Nancy Reynolds presented the Planning Board report. The Planning Board had 2 boundry line changes and 1 minor subdivision for 2017.

Approval of the minutes of the January 22, 2018 meeting: Motion to approve by Councilman Alan Reynolds, 2nd by Councilwoman Yukari Day, Councilwoman Innes Kasanof: aye, Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto: aye, Supervisor Alan White: aye.

Highway Superintendent’s Report: (A) Highway Superintendent Russell Bouton discussed having work done on the Oshkosh. He could like to purchase a dump body for the truck if a suitable one can be found, and while the truck is apart have the frame and air tanks worked on as they are quite rusted. The Board encouraged him to move forward and get prices for the work he wants done.

Voucher vote: General Abstract #G0218 – vouchers 022 –034 = $4,220.67. Highway Abstract #H0208 – vouchers 035 – 041= $2,794.77. Motion to pay bills by Councilwoman Yukari Day, 2nd by Councilman Alan Reynolds, Councilwoman Innes Kasanof: aye, Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto: aye, Supervisor Alan White: aye.

Finance Chair Report: (A) Finance Chair Innes Kasanof presented the monthly finance report. (B) The 2017 AUD is done and submitted. The Town was able to add $10,000.00 to the General Reseve Fund, and $20,000.00 to the Highway Reserve Fund. (C ) The Town has received its share of property tax dollars.

Clerk’s Report: Building Permit: $140.00, C/O Search (3) @ $25.00: $75.00, BP Renewal: $87.50, Subdivision: $50.00. The Town collected and disbursed $352.50 for the month of January.

Other Business: (A)Subdivision Law Review. Nancy Reynolds presented the following proposed amendments to the Subdivision Law for the Board to review. (1) Public Hearing Section: Include the wording: The applicant shall send notice of the Public Hearing to abutting property owners by certified mail, return receipt requested at least seven (7) days prior to the public hearing. The Planning Board shall also send notice of the Public Hearing to any adjacent municipality located within 500 feet of the proposed development. (2) The Planning Board is further authorized to require addition of any modification or plat note associated with approval of the subdivision on the plat. (3) The wording discussed in # 1, will be the same for minor and major subdivisions. (4) Roads shall be constructed according to “ Standards for the Adoption of New Roads in the Town of Halcott”as may exist. (5) No more than one (1) principal residential building may be placed on a lot. (as per the Town of Halcott Land Use Code). After discussing the proposed changes, Motion to accept the proposed changes and proceed with the process to update the Subdivision Law by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, 2nd by Councilman Alan Reynolds, Councilwoman Yukari Day: aye, Councilwoman Innes Kasanof: aye, Supervisor Alan White: aye.

Next Meeting: Regular Meeting, March 26, 2018, 7:15pm.

Motion to Adjourn at 8:35 pm by Councilwoman Innes Kasanof, 2nd by Councilwoman Judy DiBenedetto, Councilman Alan Reynolds: aye, Councilwoman Yukari Day: aye, Supervisor Alan White: aye.