Town Planning Board minutes, Feb 14, 2018

Meeting of February 14, 2018

Present:  Adina Johnson, Andrew Kelder, Mark Vogler, Sec. Nancy Reynolds
Absent:  Ted Johnson
Public:   Jennifer Bouton, Brian Grocholl, Ashton Grocholl

The February 7, 2018, meeting was rescheduled to February 14 due to a snow storm.

Vice-Chairman Adina Johnson called for the pledge to the flag at 6:00PM, then opened the Public Hearing at 6:05PM for the minor subdivision of lands of J. Bouton on Turk Hollow Road. The notices of the original and rescheduled meetings were read. One new parcel of 5.15 acres is proposed from a total of approximately 23.5 acres. There were no issues or questions. Vice Chairman Johnson closed the Public Hearing at 6:15PM. Motion to approve the subdivision was made by M. Vogler, seconded by A. Johnson, unanimously approved. Original survey and copies were signed and dated; part 2 of the EAF form was filled out and signed.

Vice Chairman Johnson opened the regular meeting at 6:20PM.

B & A Grocholl presented a preliminary survey of the property and proposed house they plan to build on the new lot that was created by the J. Bouton subdivision. They will complete required forms and apply for a site plan review after the maps have been filed and title to the property has been transferred to them.

Motion to accept the minutes of the 1/3/2018 meeting was made by A. Kelder, seconded by M. Vogler, unanimously approved. Reorganization: motion to reappoint Ted Johnson as Chairman was made by A. Johnson, seconded by A. Kelder. Motion to reappoint Adina Johnson as Vice Chairman was made by N. Reynolds, seconded by M. Vogler. Motion to reappoint N. Reynolds as Secretary was made by A. Johnson, seconded by A. Kelder.

All nominations were unanimously approved.

Correspondence:  None

Motion to adjourn was made at 6:40PM by A. Kelder, seconded by N. Reynolds, unanimously approved.

Submitted: N. Reynolds, Sec.