Happy Spring Halcott Gardeners…

Time to start planning for another season in our garden.
Want to start some seedlings for a spring fundraiser for the garden at the grange one lovely spring Saturday in May? Karen has extra seed to offer those interested or plant extra of whatever you may be interested in. Any and all contributions are welcome!! I will stop by Todd’s to see if they can help boost the offerings and also reach out to Hudson Valley Seed Co. who has supported us with donated seed packets in the past.
See garden membership info attached. I will forward seasonal applications shortly when they will also be posted on the town website. Let me know if you are interested in remaining in your last season location or are interested in more space or another local, raised bed or otwise. Alan, I promise filling your raised corner garden bed is the first order of business on my list once the snow melts ! There is a good compost pile in the front to pull from.
Alas, speaking of pulling, our darned fence has been pulled down in places from the heavy snows so that goes to the top of the list too, once again. Oh to have a proper fence….dreaming, dreaming….
Looking forward to seeing you all in the garden, once again!!
A little bluebird has told me we have two new gardeners this season, soon to be confirmed…any others??
Please join us!