Eagles at the Grange!

Dear Friends:  Join us this coming Saturday October 18th at 6:30PM at the Halcott Grange Hall.  Peg DiBenedetto will give a power point presentation on the golden eagle project and Michael DiBenedetto will be telling you why hunters are switching to non-lead ammunition.

Canning at the Grange

Members of the Halcott Community Garden had a great class in the Boiling Water Bath method of preserving fresh vegetables on Sunday, September 14 in the Grange kitchen.IMG_9877

Janie Greenwald from the Cornell Cooperative of Ulster County Extension conducted the class. Janie was assisted by volunteer Chantal Forger, who is working on her Master Food Preserver Certification.


Each participant took home a can of tomato sauce they helped prepare in a step by step demonstration and a lot more information on the canning process in general, including a few basic rules to always keep in mind:IMG_9896

* Canning recipes are scientifically derived in a laboratory and must be followed to the “T” to ensure food safety first.

* Canning is not cooking but preserving food for future cooking, not an end product out of the can.

* Grandma’s methods may be of interest to compare with, but the modern science of food preservation has progressed and new utensils and methods provide the levels of food safety we can depend on to ensure what we put on our tables is safe for our families to eat.

Please follow this link to the USDA website to find many recipes for canning.
National Center for Home Food Preservation | USDA Publications

MTC Broadband Update

We recently received the following update from MTC who has received a grant (but not the money!!) to bring the internet up into Halcott. Steve Finch has kindly agreed to come to our August 18th Town Board meeting to answer any questions you may have about this. He will be our first speaker at 7:15PM. Everyone is most welcome to attend.
Best regards, Innes Kasanof.

MTC Broadband Update – The grant process has been very protracted. It has been a much more drawn out process than we envisioned. However, we are finally beginning to realize some movement on the grant. While MTC hasn’t received any Connect NY funding yet, we do have the primary documentation in place from the NY Broadband Office to begin to incur additional costs against the grant. We have begun ordering materials and have engaged contractors to begin construction in a few different locations. Our start up will be slow and methodical to ensure we have all of the correct processes in place and that we are following all of the proper procedures. Halcott is one of our primary build areas. Specifically, the first area of construction will be the main corridor of County Route 3 and Johnson Hollow, followed by the various side roads. We hope you will begin to see progress being made in the coming weeks and we are committed to constructing as far in to the winter months as the weather will allow. The actual construction phase will be a two plus year endeavor in all of our build areas. We are excited and anxious to get moving forward. Please contact MTC at 845-586-3311 with any questions. 

Steve Finch
MTC – Plant Manager

Property tax exemptions

For anyone who is not yet aware, there are a number of exemptions available on property tax assessments that may help lower your property taxes if you qualify.  If your home in Halcott is your primary residence, there are exemptions available based on age, income, agricultural and forestry use of land, veterans status and solar power.  If you think you might be eligible for any of these and would like more information, please contact the assessor for the Town of Halcott at mmdneves67@gmail.com.